Friday, October 21, 2005

Ljubljana and The Upper Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of the independent Slovenia since 1991. The river Ljubljanica flows through Ljubljana. The population of Ljubljana is around 280.000 people,
495.000 in the urban Ljubljana area. Historians disagree as to where the name comes from. Although it is commonly pointed out that it originates out of the Slovenian word "ljubljena" (a feminine form of beloved), this is not known for certain. A lot of nations conquered Ljubljana during the history, such as Romans, Napoleon’s army, etc. We were a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During the Second World War Ljubljana was occupied until 1945. After the World War Two Ljubljana became the capital of Yugoslav socialist republic of Slovenia. When Slovenia gained independence in 1991,Ljubljana became the capital city of an independent country.

The building was finished in 1875. With its monumental architecture and its Renaissance design, the building was approved by the owner, “Kranjske Hranilnice”. “Real Gymnasium” – Technical Grammar School was establish in Ljubljana in 1872. It soon became an excellent grammar school. In the history of the school a lot of famous Slovenian people were teachers, such as: writers Juš and Ferdo Kozak, the composer Anton Foerster, the painter Gojmir Anton Kos, the mathematician Josip Mazi, the physicist Lavo Čermelj and many others. And also a lot of students, which became famous later, were learning at this school, such as: the writers Ivan Cankar and Mile Klopčič, the poet Srečko Kosovel, the painter Rihard Jakopič, the architect Maks Fabiani, the electrical engineer and chess player Milan Vidmar, the actor Vladimir Skrbinšek and many more.
The history of the grammar school was very dynamic, except between 1915-1945, because of the First and Second World War.
In 1959 the building became the Secondary Schoo for Electrical Engineeringl. The school became the best and the most important school for the area of electrical engineering and computer science technicians. Our students became, after studying at the university of Ljubljana, the leading engineers in our country.
In 1996 the school became again the grammar school.

The school has 38 classes, 1035 students and 48 rooms. We are the TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL and the TECHNICAL GRAMMAR SCHOOL with 73 teachers. The current headmaster is Mr. Silvester Tratar.
SŠER LJ. is located in Ljubljana, near the Kongres Square and on the street called Vegova and because of the street, almost everybody knows The Upper Secondary School of Electicaland Computer Engineering Ljubljana by the name “Vegova”.

Across our school is the University of Ljubljana.

By Samo R. Stergel


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