Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Slovenia -presentation

Slovenia - Life is Always Greener on the Other Side? (LAGOS)

Marinka Žitnik and Samo Stergel will be representatives of the G 2. A class taking part in the Comenius project exchange in Italy (Cava dei Tereni). Students will be preparing for the visit. Presentation of our county and our school is a part of the preparation. In Cava dei Tereni we will meet students and teachers from our partner schools:

1. Abja Gűmnaasium (Estonia),
Zespół Szkół Technicznych i Liecealnych (Poland),

3. Istituto Tecnico Commerciale, Liceo Tecnico per le attivita’ gestionali Matteo Della Corte (Italy),
4. Nummi-Pusulan koulu ja lukio ( Finland).

The description af all the schools should be added to this blogger.


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